Dear Sir/Madam

As a veteran marketing technologist, I have developed an extensive background planning and directing channel marketing campaigns for a range of high-visibility corporate clients. It is with great interest that I invite you to explore this site, wherein you will find my resume, a portfolio of past projects, and testimonials from colleagues I have worked with in the past. As a result of my unique skillset and successful project history, I am confident that I will be able to bring immediate value to any enterprise requiring marketing and technology leadership.

Please consider the following highlights from my resume:

MARKETING TECHNOLOGY – I possess 15+ years of experience leading marketing technology initiatives across multiple disciplines, including digital, mobile, behavioral, email, database, and traditional. With this work, I identified and aligned innovative technological solutions to overcome marketing challenges

REVENUE ACCELERATION – My specialty is in maximizing revenue growth and audience engagement through the development and execution of innovative, data-driven marketing initiatives.

COMMUNICATIONS – Engaging and constructive, I am focused on building relationships with clients, stakeholders, peers, direct reports, and all levels of operational leadership to assist in positioning companies for marketing and technology excellence.

I excel in a collaborative, fast-paced setting, a quality which has attracted me to a career working with likeminded professionals who share in an unyielding dedication to success. I appreciate your stopping by to review my experience and welcome the opportunity to discuss the unique characteristics of a position with your team.


Brian Riback

  • I have been coaching and collaborating with Brian for the last several years. He has shown himself to be extremely hard working, diligent and above all insightful in our various projects. In addition, Brian possess the intangible qualities that all successful entrepreneurs need - a willingness to alternatively lead and delegate as required, an intellectual alacrity and competitive yet fun loving demeanor.

    • Henry Daas
    • President, CEO
    • Daas Knowledge
  • Brian impressed me because of his desire to always go above and beyond. He was always looking for more depth and it quickly became clear to me that Brian didn't settle for the status quo.

    • Mr. Sammy Simpson
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Tuned In Corp
  • What impresses me the most about Brian is his willingness to see possibilities beyond the conventional. He possesses a remarkable sense of imagination and creative flexibility.

    • Gerardo Tabio
    • President & Founder
    • Creative Resources Group, Inc.
    • Author
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